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Picture this: You’ve just graduated from HPU (High Point University) or UNCG (University of North Carolina at Greensboro)  after years of hard work and commitment. Time now to party! Where could you possibly find an event venue that is fitting for the occasion? Look no further than Shalimar Estates, a secret marvel which will guarantee the most unforgettable graduation parties.

Why Shalimar Estates is Perfect for Your Graduation Celebration

  • Breathtaking Ambience: Shalimar estates have beautiful surroundings that will give your graduation celebration an unforgettable backdrop. Imagine having your diploma taken against a backdrop of scenic landscapes or stylishly decorated bedrooms.
  • Versatile Event Spaces: At Shalimar Estates, we have different types of event spaces that are ideal for small intimate gatherings and grand celebrations. From elaborate grand halls to small friendly courtyards, there’s an appropriate space where you can make a memorable impression.
  • Tasty Catering Options: Our experienced caterers will work with you to develop a custom menu based on your preferences and budget. We can provide anything from formal sit down dinners to finger food hors d’oeuvres at reception, depending on what your taste buds desire.
  • Plan Stress-Free: Our devoted event planners will make all the necessary arrangements, from installation and removal to vendor coordination. Thus, you can sit back and enjoy your time with loved ones on this important day.
  • Location Benefits: A convenient location next to UNCG and HPU makes it possible for your visitors to come over during your graduation party. Ample parking is also available on site.

Make Your Graduation Celebration Unforgettable

Congratulations on your graduation from UNCG or HPU! It is a great achievement for you and we at Quantum Suites would like to wish you great success in life.

Planning a graduation celebration can feel overwhelming, but it shouldn’t be. Quantum suites provide an all-in-one package for the best ever experience. Shalimar Estates’ amazing location, excellent customer service and mouthwatering cuisine mean that you will only have to concentrate on enjoying yourself and creating memories that will last forever.

Are you ready to schedule your ultimate graduation celebration? Get in touch with Quantum Suites today to inquire about special offers for celebrations in Shalimar Estates! We’ll make sure that the magic of your accomplishments is reflected on your big day through our transformed graduation bash.

Celebrate in style at Shalimar Estate today. Book your ending year celebration today!

Note : We can add Frequently asked questions too here like below If you allow.

How can I book my graduation celebration at Shalimar Estates? (put the link in)

Contact Shalimar Estates today to schedule a tour and discuss your graduation celebration plans.  Mention Quantum Suites to inquire about special offers!  They look forward to helping you celebrate this milestone achievement.

What event spaces are available at Shalimar Estates?

Shalimar Estates boasts a variety of versatile indoor and outdoor spaces to suit your vision. From grand ballrooms with soaring ceilings to charming gardens bathed in natural light, they have everything you need to create an unforgettable celebration.

Can Shalimar Estates help with the planning process? 

No, they do not help with the event planning process, they only help you out with providing a dedicated space that you can convert into your dream life.