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Quantum Suites Co-Hosting and Marketing Services

Increase your rental income (2-3x in most cases) by running your house, condo, townhouse or apartment complex like a hotel. We provide full service co-hosting and marketing services for landlords in North Carolina stretching from The Triad (Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point) to the Triangle (Raleigh, Durham, Morrisville, Cary) and Fayetteville.

  • Schedule a meeting with our project manager. We’ll assess your property and make an inventory of any additional needed items/furnishings/etc to be setup in your unit so that it’s ready for booking. We are able to procure furnishings and housewares at very low prices. We have the experience and know what works best.
  • We complete the on-boarding process of your unit and have it professionally photographed, video graphed with a floor plan diagram. You can see an example of this by looking at any of our unit listings, here for example: Shalimar Estates.
  • On-boarding fees can be financed or payable via credit card. A Typical studio/1BR will cost about $2500 to furnish. For each bedroom add about $2000 and bathroom add about $500. As our customer, we provide you all the information we need, access to our Amazon list and local vendors to purchase what’s needed directly. We also offer a hands-off unit setup and cleaning fee for $1,500 if you would like us to setup your unit for you. Expect your return on investment in about 4-5 months depending on the size of your unit.
  • We research, set and update daily pricing on your unit while controlling any weekly or monthly discount using our AI analyzing local hotel price data along with other short term rentals in the area. This allows you to take full advantage of price surges due to popular events in the area.
  • We actively market and show your property through our private channels, local realtor network and make use of retail channels such as Airbnb and VRBO to fill in the gaps in-between the long term private bookings (1+ months). We do not exclusively rely on Airbnb or VRBO for bookings, because it doesn’t work. We work daily to keep your unit booked for as many days as possible.
  • We manage the security, check-in process, check-out/turnover process, automatically document and collect for any damages or excessive mess. You collect the booking income, we assist with remitting all occupancy taxes due for direct bookings to the local government entities. Our fee is 15% for a limited time + the cleaning fee, which is paid by the customer. These fees are charged to your card we keep on file, after you’ve received the booking income.
  • We make use of our partner’s pricing AI which tells us the price your unit is worth on every given calendar day. This allows is to capitalize on popular days, while competitively discounting days in-between to scoop in as much revenue as possible.
  • We have a central office which is used to house linens, cleaning supplies and furniture. This allows our cleaning crews to arrive with a set of clean linens and leave with the dirty ones. With this method we can facilitate what we call “Check-In Check Out Same Day” without issues.

We are the only company in North Carolina that offers a complete and hands-off solution to maximizing the revenue generated by your property but turning it into a hotel using our process and resources. We have been successful at this business for many years and most of the properties you see in our portfolio are our own. We welcome a phone call or text to discuss how we can work together 919-249-5172

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Why do you offer a service like this?
A) Because we already have these business processes in place for our units to manage large scale cleanings, laundry, handyman and security. It also makes business sense to leverage our already existing infrastructure and resources to create a valuable service for landlords that have qualifying properties.

Q) What is meant by “qualifying properties” how will I know if my property is qualified or not?
A) If your home in part of an HOA, you must ensure that the HOA bylaws do not prohibit short term rentals. Additionally, your unit must be structurally sound in every way as well as having inspected and maintained appliances and proper insurance from your homeowner’s insurance company to rent your home. Also, some homes will do better than others depending on location and number of bedrooms and bathrooms. We are happy to quickly let you know if what you have will work well or not and why.

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